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We take care of our patients' full oral health in our modern practice located in The City of London.

What can you expect? State-of-the-art dental equipment, high quality materials, professional staff, full transparency and fully customized treatment plans to suit a very broad range of patient needs.

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General dentistry and
Preventive Care

This is the foundation of our practice. We will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums by treating & preventing dental problems before they become huge headaches (literally).

Types of services: check-ups, X-rays, emergency treatments, dental hygiene

Repairing teeth

It takes an artisan to restore a broken vase to its former beauty and sturdiness. Teeth are no different. Our dentists make a fine art out of restoring broken and chipped teeth to their beautiful natural state in no time.

They also work quickly to save the tooth once it starts showing signs of decay to prevent it from having to be replaced.

Types of services: fillings, root canal treatments, inlays / onlays

Replacing teeth

At Spitalfields Dental we are experts at using the latest technology to restore people’s beautiful smile and their quality of life.

Sometimes, unfortunately, teeth can’t be saved. But we take this opportunity and turn it right back on its head to give you that “wow” that will make you more confident than ever.

Types of services: crowns, bridges, dentures

Teeth straightening and styling

This is where we make sure that your teeth are straight, bright and as beautiful as ever.

A great smile has a tremendous impact on one’s self-confidence and quality of life. Our advanced technology and medical expertise will ensure that your goals are met.

Best part? All the treatments are fully discreet and barely noticeable while work is in progress.

Types of services: Invisalign, veneers, whitening treatments

Patient care and education

We invest in people. Not just in their oral health, but their well-being and their education too.

We can show you the right way to keep your teeth clean and healthy and give you advice about general dental care.

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Advanced implant surgery

We’re not called Implant Expert for nothing. This is where we truly shine.

Our founder, Dr. Ionut Leahu, is a renowned Implantologist by the Black Sea. He has reached a high level of mastery in his craft and has passed on his knowledge and technique to our Implantologists. Dr. Leahu frequently flies to London to operate.

Whether you need to replace single or multiple teeth, our implants are done only by experienced hands, with state-of-the art technology, using very high-quality materials. The results are life-changing.

Types of services: individual implants, all-on-4, full mouth restoration, Teeth in A Day


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